Welcome Hugo

After randomly learning about Hugo, the static webpage creator, I immediately wanted to give it a try as it resembled Jekyll quite a bit. To my surprise, I find Hugo to be much much easier to install in contrast to Jekyll where I keep wrestling with ruby and gems every time I move to a new sysstem. The difference is quite stark in the time that I spent to get the first page up and running.

The list of positives for me over Jekyll is quite short for now but I’m sure I’ll have more than enough opinions about Hugo the more I use it. For now, I say Jekyll farewell and give Hugo a warm welcome.

I’ve also settled with the beautiful Cactus theme. It’s elegant and allows more information to be displayed per page real estate.

During this process I’ve also relized that Github might be defaulting to a Jekyll build/deploy step for Github Pages and I had to replace it with a Hugo action. The default .yaml worked straight out of the box so another smooth step for this transition.